Jason ran the book stall at his children’s school summer fair and he was keen to make sure that it wasn’t just about him.

He invited the local library to come along to meet children who haven’t previously engaged with the service and many of them signed up to take part in this summer’s Reading Challenge.

Jason was also selling a curated selection of books provided by the Children’s Bookshop in Muswell Hill, which resulted in the PTA being able to donate three middle grade books to the school library.

But with a display featuring his typical props of food in his wellies – or more accurately in this case, crisps and chocolate rice-cakes in his son’s wellies – and a zoo in his shoe – or more precisely, two wooden animal carvings in his daughter’s shoe – Jason read excerpts of his three books to children and parents walking past him.

“When the children are running around, playing on giant inflatable slides and splatting their teachers with wet sponges, it’s great for them to see books as just another way to have fun,” said Jason.

Families who bought books were excited to get them signed and some of those who bought copies of his newest book, A Zoo In My Shoe, even asked to have their photos taken with him.

There was more reading the following day at an altogether more informal event. He was invited to read his books at a 3 year old neighbour’s birthday party; it turned out the mother had “booked” him as her party entertainer. Maybe it’s time to start introducing balloon animals to the zoo in his shoe.

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