Jason read What Can You See? to children at Martha’s Playgroup in Golders Green, northwest London.

Jason has presented one of his new children’s picture books, What Can You See?, at Martha’s Playgroup at Golders Green Parish Church, in northwest London.

He has been attending the group, first with his son and now with his daughter, for nearly five years, so he was keen to give back to the community that’s given his own family so much.

Jason said: “It was the biggest audience I’ve had for What Can You See? and it was great to read it to a new audience of strangers, who don’t have to pretend to like it, as friends and family do. I loved that the children were running up to me to point to the pictures and tell me what they could see. They were all engaging with the book, which is all about introducing younger children to the world around them. Hopefully they’ll now go out in the world and be more aware of what they can see.”

The vicar, Rex Morton, who runs the playgroup, described Jason’s visit as a “special treat” and said, “The children loved it.”

For anyone interested in buying What Can You See?, here are some links to help you find it:

You can buy WHAT CAN YOU SEE? from


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