Wordplay and silliness abound in this wonderfully absurd and slightly surreal book of poems for kids.

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Will have them in fits of giggles from start to finish … the perfect book for children who love funny books with eye-catching images to pull them in! A must-read for little ones!

Gemma Honour, Just Imagine

It’s so funny, kids will want to read it over and over again.

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Red Shoe Stories

Jason Korsner’s I Like To Put Food In My Welly is a laugh out loud picture book that plays brilliantly with rhyme, word-order and nonsense, incredibly illustrated by Max Low and published by Graffeg.

Family Bookworms

We all know how much preschool kids love a silly book and this one has had Wee Reader in stitches, giggling uncontrollably. I Like To Put Food In My Welly is a fantastic book, showing kids how just mixing up a couple of words in a sentence can completely change the meaning, sometimes with hilarious consequences.


I Like To Put Food In My Welly … takes rhyme-play and delicious nonsense to a new level. Starting simply… Korsner then mixes it up; … and the third permutation is even crazier. Once the formula is established, he has fun applying it to all sorts of scenarios. Perfectly pitched for under-fives.

The Jewish Chronicle

Children will adore this brilliantly surreal book of poems, which get sillier for the longer you read them… Illustrations will have children in stitches… As well as a colourful and brilliant read, Korsner’s word play is ideal for helping little ones learn when short sentences are right or wrong – can a mat purr? Should you wipe your feet on a hat? – and allow for plenty of laughing, talk and fun questioning.


I Like To Put Food In My Welly by @jasonkorsner is one of my favourite picture books of the year – brilliantly simple and hilarious concept.

Anna McKerrow, BookTrust

I Like To Put Food In My Welly, illustrated in bright colours by Max Low, uses playful rhymes to twist words and change meanings for a sequence of images in a way that appeals to children’s sense of the silly.

Bridget Galton, Hampstead & Highgate Express

I Like To Put Food In My Welly is a hilarious adventure through language and word-play that is bound to leave you in stitches of laughter. Written again in rhyme, the vivid, child-like, free pictures by Max Low add to the raucous fun and imaginative play. For young readers, this is an adventure that gives the gift of excitement about expressing yourself, poetry and twisting words around to change the meaning and mood… marvelous… delightful!

Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories

Playful topsy-turvies result from putting butter on the bread, pulling a rabbit from a hat, climbing an apple tree and other starting points, each scenario being presented in Max Low’s zany sequences… Engaging rhymes and art: just right for putting across the ‘language is fun’ message to pre-schoolers.

Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub




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