Jason has read both What Can You See? and I Like To Put Food In My Welly to two groups of children at a nursery in northwest London.

Toddlers in the nursery room crowded round to point at the delicate drawings by Hannah Rounding as he asked “What Can You See?” on each page, taking them on a journey around their house, their garden and the world around them.

Next, the older children in the pre-school room shouted “No!” time after time, giggling ever louder, as he told them he liked swimming in a cup of tea, it was fun to go boating on a birthday cake, you put your clothes in the fire and strawberry jam came from a star! And, of course, that he liked to put food in his welly!

Jason said, “There’s nothing like reading the books to audiences who really engage with them. It’s just so gratifying to watch the younger children get excited about pointing at everyday items in What Can You See? and to hear older children laughing at some of the surreal situations set up in I Like To Put Food In My Welly. But however much they enjoy the books, they almost seem more excited to get the sticker and bookmark at the end!”

If you want your own pre-schoolers to point and shout “No!” in fits of laughter, these links will help you find the books if you’d like to buy them.



You can buy WHAT CAN YOU SEE? from


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